Albania is quickly developing in the energy sector, due to its market liberalization initiatives in compliance with the EU directives.Power generation, transmission, distribution and renewable energy are solutions developed through Bindi. By representing Siemens AG in such portfolio we are able to satisfy demands from utilities, power plants as well as consumer products and systems in low and medium voltage.


Industry sector is also quit attractive especially in the light scale continuously being developed among private and public sectors. It represents one of our latest involvements. The necessity in both private and public sector to handle efficiently utilities, factories, healthcare processes and operations has initiated large variety of requests and development. Our role is to identify, evaluate and
propose the appropriate solutions. We are able to consult, design and project, implement and maintain at turn-key basis. The product and solution are supported by Siemens.


Starting of 1999, Albania initiated the decentralization of telecommunications sector while being an attractive opportunity for investments and service improvements. We became a key-participant in system integration working with all the local operators. Supply, install, operate &maintain has been our competence cooperating with several vendors.

Real Estate Development

Bindi it is active in this sector since 2008, realizing some ambitious contracts. Our focus is the property acquisition, promotion and development..

Foreign Investments

Leaded by a visionary and intuitive businessman, Bindi it is part of strategic commercial alliances. We are able to offer business consulting, merge and acquisition of companies, market study and introduction and business development.